Grammys Release the Beyhive

Awards season is an exciting time for artists of any caliber. They dress in their nicest fashion, walk the run way, and soak in their stardom. However, with winning comes losing. This  leads to upset artists, and angry stans (Super Fans, a term created by Eminem).

On Feb. 12, the 59th Annual Grammy Awards released an intense swarm of fans ready to sting, the “Beyhive”.  After Beyoncé’s Lemonade lost to Adele’s 25 for the “Album of the Year” category. Fans were in shock. Even Adele had to discredit her own winning. “It’s her time to win,” Adele said in a Grammy press conference. Now, fans are blaming the lack of diversity in the Academy for Beyonce’s loss.

Beyoncé Crowd- Courtesy of Tumblr

The Academy is composed of people in the music industry who have won Grammys within the past five years. Smaller categories like “Best R&B Album” or “Best Rap Sung” are all voted on by artists who are familiar or work in the industry for that genre. However, “Best Record of the Year”, “Best Song of the Year”, and “Album of the Year” are voted on by the entire academy, according to the Academy’s website.

John Michael Bradford, a sophomore at Berkley College of Music in Boston and 2014 Grammy Band member, said that winning a Grammy is all based on who you know.“The Academy votes for people who they like and who they know.” Bradford said, “Maybe they like Beyoncé, but they did not like the social messages that she was putting out there.

John Michael Bradford- Courtesy of Facebook

Hunter Gierhart, a sophomore at University of Texas in Austin, believed that those allowed to vote for the Grammys are not reflecting the strong talent of the industry. “I think the lack of restrictions for who can vote for what is making the Grammys represent commercial music disproportionately.”

Gierhart spends most of his time analyzing the music industry. Gierhart knows Mariah Carey’s range, and can clearly describe Whitney Houston’s tone. He runs his own music blog, critiquing every artist and their performances.


59th GRAMMY Awards -  Show
Adele Courtesy of Time Magazine

Gierhart agreed with critics about the the lack of diversity in the Academy. He suggested that this is why awards snagged from certain artists.

Hunter Gierhart

“Just going off of demographics in the United States there are probably more white people on the voting committee than black people,” Gierhart said. “So that even in traditionally black categories and genres, white people can pick up wins.”

The Grammys are capable of boosting an artist’s sales because the entire world is watching. However, Bradford said that Grammy wins do not determine what is good music. “Adele, who I think is an amazing artist, made a bunch of love songs and won. Anderson Paak might have lost, but his music is good as well.” Bradford said. “Loosing does not mean the content was not good.”

Thefore, this does not mean that Beyonce’s Lemonade was not a great piece of work. Since the work was nominated, it proves that it shined from the rest of the album created in 2015 and 2016. Also, Beyoncé already has 22 Grammys under her belt, after her two wins Sunday. She obviously is talented, and isn’t loosing any fans for not winning “Album of the Year”.

However Reader, do you think the Grammy committee needs a little more color to truly represent music?



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