Griot Goes Storify !


If there is something that you did not know about me, it is that I love social networking. I am on Instagram (@royal_prinsey), Twitter (@Prinsey__), and Snapchat (@royal_prinsey). Please follow me, I love making connections with new people.

However, this week I discovered a new platform that allows me to utilize several platforms, in order to tell a cohesive story. This site is called Storify.

Storify is a wonderful website and very easy to use. My first try with Storify went very well. The story I created, The Recovery: New Orleans East Tornados, was a timeline of the recovery efforts in New Orleans, after tornados touched down on Feb.7. I wanted to create this story because we often forget the victims of natural disasters, especially after the disaster strikes. As neighbors to these citizens, it is important for us to know their whereabouts and the process of their recovery, if we want to see them rebuild. I also found it important to highlight the good samaritans who are helping these people find a way to call New Orleans East home again.

Now, millennials, we are excellent at using new social networking technology. Have no fear, if you’re scared to give the new platform a try. I was able to create my Storify, after playing around on the site. However, there are also videos and tutorials out there that can assist you with navigating the system. If you want to make a Storify story, it is very simple. Here are three tips to making a great story.

  1. Have a Story Idea! Having a story idea will help in gathering the sources that you want to highlight, and actually tell a good story.
  2. Make sure that you have either Tweeted, Instagrammed, or discussed the topics on other social networking platforms. Also, include posts from other sources. Nothing is better than appearing to be a reliable source (not Fake News).
  3. There are no rules to Storify. Be creative and sculpt the stories that please you as a writer.

Finally, Storify is very easy to use. You will love it. There is an app for Storify on smartphones. So, get to it and be a social media Griot! Got tell



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