Capture the Moment 

While walking around New Orleans City Park, I was inspired by the amount of people exercising and  couples in paddle boats, enjoying the beautiful spring day. I had to capture the beauty of the time. This was no easy task, but very fulfilling.

I met with Tracy Shafer a photographer from New Orleans, who showed me the trick of the trade. 

Before meeting her, I walked in with several questions. I wanted to know the best camera gadgets to use. Also, how to find the moment to capture, and how to engage with people when I am in the field. 

 In the past, I was always skeptical to use simple technology to take pictures. 

Then, Tracy changed my prospective of what makes good photography.

“Cell phones can capture an image just as well as a Cannon or Nikon. It is just about getting the right picture,” she said. 

Knowing this information, I felt confident to tell the story that I wanted through photography.  

She left me with one bit of advice.

“Let your eye be the camera,” she said. 

While on my adventure, I saw an older gentleman fishing with his grandson. Before approaching them, I immediately snapped an image, while they were not looking. 

Fishing Time

Then I approached the elderly gentleman and said, “I am a Xavier University student, can I please take a picture of you both for class.”

The old man said, “Certainly, my name is Sydney and this is my grandson Quency ”. 

They began to pose, but I told them to be natural. 

Patient Preparation

While taking my pictures, I wanted to simply tell the story of what I was experiencing as I stood in their presence. The older man fished and became one with nature, while the young boy played on his phone, though he too had a fishing pole on the bike. This was something that I believed people could relate to. Technology takes over people’s attention, from finding tranquility in the world. 

Editing the photography  story was easy, because I knew what story I was telling. Though the boy was on his phone, while grandpa was fishing, in a way, the boy was finding a different way to become one with nature. That’s was why, when scoring the photostory, I looked for a song from the 70’s that the elderly man might have listened to at the boys age, that is now sampled in hip-hop music. They are a reflection of each other, just like sampled music. Smuckers, a song by Tyler the Creator, was a sample of Gabriele Ducros’s “Metropolis Norte”, a song from the 70’s. The boy was able to find serenity in nature, with a lot more noise, which resembles the song Smuckers.  

Complete in Nature

Cast, below are some Tips if you ever want to conduct your own photo adventure! Have fun and make art. 


1. Go out with an open mind.

2. Let your eyes be the camera

3. Know what story you’re trying to tell

4. Snap a variety of shots  

5. Be creative 

Mirrored : Click here to see the Video



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