Live Twitter Chat : Katrina Babies

Hey Cast,

I hope you all enjoyed my first ever Twitter Chat with the talented Edward Buckles (Buck). If you missed out, Buck is currently filming his new movie, Katrina Babies, a documentary about millennials who had first hand experience with Hurricane Katrina. If you missed the chat, you can click here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.12.20 PM.png
A Little Background

Buck and I have known each other since 2007. After Hurricane Katrina, we both went to the Anthony Bean Acting school, where we learned more about ourselves in theater. Buck was like one of my older brothers, he always looked out for me.

Now, the 24-year-old navigated away from the stage to film. Buck has been working on his film Katrina Babies since 2015. Through the Live Tweet Chat, I wanted more people to learn about his work, as well as how they can become filmmakers.

The challenges to conducting this Live Twitter Chat was technology of course. Initially, Buck and I were supposed to Tweet each other through videos. However, this was not very efficient because it seemed like it took forever to get the conversation going. Then, I decided to quickly do some homework and see if I could FaceTime our conversation on Periscope.

I found a software called OBS. You should all get it! It is amazing if you ever need to manipulate technology the way I did. Attached are the instructions on how to install the software and use Periscope in this form.

Eventually, we did get Periscope to work, but I did not know how to get the comments to appear on screen. Luckily, several of our friends Tweeted us questions, which helped the conversation become massive.

Take Aways

The biggest take away that I had from talking with Buck was to let life inspire me to create work. The idea for Katrina Babies came about after Buck talked with his cousins, after the storm, he said. It was through their talk that he decided it was important for people to share stories. Now, Buck has learned so much about the effects that the storm had on our generation.

The second take away was to never let money limit what I am willing to create. Buck said, “Use what you have to create work. Do not let money stop you from creating films.” Most of the time, as broke college students, it is easy for us to toss the flag and say game over. However, with Buck, who barely had financial assistance in the beginning of production, he got the train rolling with the resources he had.  Having this mindset will allow you and I to make our dreams come true.

Also, the topping to the conversation was getting the chance to meet La Princia, a Vine famous New Orleanian. At the time, Buck was filming her segment of the movie, and she happened to be available to peek on the Twitter Chat.

Now, Buck is still in production for the movie and has not stopped filming since he began in 2014. Hopefully, I can do some on-set livestreams and have a final talk with him before he completes the project.

Going into the chat, I was very nervous, but Twitter Chatt hosting is fun. I want to do another very soon. I hope you enjoyed the chat as well Cast. Do you have any suggestions for who I should talk to next? Let me know!

Follow Buck:

Twitter: @E_Buckles and @katrinababies 



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