Kids Around the World

Hey Cast,

One of the roles that I took on in college, is working as an Exhibit Facilitator at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. This past weekend, the museum hosted the Children’s World’s Fair Fundraiser. This event was going around the world in seven hours. It was filled with culture, food, and fun!

Currently, the LCM is raising funds for the new museum that will be opening in 2018 in City Park. Children’s World’s Fair was a great way to get kids to learn about multiple cultures. In addition, for the museum to raise the money needed to build the new museum in City Park by 2018.
It was my job (because though I was having fun, I also had to work) to host all of the talent from different countries at Children’s World’s Fair. The countries that were in attendance were Croatia, Germany, Honduras, Switzerland, India, Ghana, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Each country took over an exhibit that was completely transformed.

Volunteers from  Honduras
At the Center Stage performances, people witnessed singing from Croatia, learned how to make ice cream, heard Puerto Rican stories, and danced to African Drums.

Little Girls Bollywood Dancing
Watching these performances, I was touched. A woman got up and began  traditional African dancing. Then, she asked a little caucasian boy to join her. With no hesitation, the little boy began dancing. That moment overwhelmed me with joy. I saw kids from every background, get together and dance freely together.  I almost cried. During a time in history when it seemes like different people cannot get along, these children showed us all that we are all people. We might come from a different place, but we all know how to dance to the beat of a drum.

This moment also touched Jarvis Reynolds, a museum volunteer.

“This event is so powerful because it gives the guests opportunities to learn about different culture,” Reynolds said. “Not only are they learning, but as adults, we are learning too. We are learning about different cultures will teach them how to respect other people in the world.”

This event was so also fulfilling because for the first time, I got henna. Henna is traditional hand drawings in India that females take part in before weddings or other major traditions. The girl who did my Henna was an L-4 at LSU Medical School. Sopan Simhad. It was a picture of a flower in a cornucopia, a traditional henna drawing.  This new experience helped me touch another person’s culture.

My Traditional Henna

In addition, there was food all over the museum for guests to try from every country. I could not try the food from India because I am lactose intolerant. However, the country that had the best food to me was Honduras. They served a wrap with refried beans and sour cream. Yum!

This was a once in a lifetime experience, and I hope the museum never stops the tradition. Reader, I want you to experience another person’s culture as well.

Check out my Snapchat of the Children’s Worlds Fair Day.




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