Q&A 13 Reasons Why

Hey Cast,

The latest show to hit the Netflix streaming service, “13 Reasons Why”, became the new binge watching craze for millennials. According to Variety Magazine, it was also the most tweeted show of 2017.  It is about a girl named Hannah Baker, who made 13 tapes, each targeting a person who ultimately led her to make the decision to kill herself. There has been plenty of mixed feelings about this work, however, I wanted to know how  millennial African Americans felt about the show. So here we go:

Question 1: How long did it take you to complete the season?

Natese Dockery (Junior at Xavier University of Louisiana) : 2 days

Daniel Jay (Senior at Southern Mississippi) : 3-4 days

Gabrielle Davis ( Freshman at Our Lady of Holy Cross) : 3 days

Jada McCarthy (Senior at McMain Eleanor High School) : It took a week or so to watch it after it came out.

Glenn Williams (Freshman at Ball State University): 3 days

Erica O’neal : (Senior at NOCCA)  : A week and a half

Kelsey Green (Sophomore at Xavier University) : A month

Amanda English (Junior at XULA): 3 days

Question 2 : Was the show realistic?

Natese : It was realistic about some things and over dramatized about other  things.

Daniel :  I think the show was very realistic and I’m glad it showed everything and
didn’t hold much back.

Gabrielle : Yes.

Jada: Yes.

Glenn: Television is heightened for entertainment reason, but I thought it had realistic moments I believe the cast really made the show realistic.

Erica:  Um, I think that schools outside of New Orleans definitely have a harsher climate that I’ve witnessed first hand. I think the portrayal was realistic to that environment. But not truthful in a general sense I think the lack of dialogue about what depression is and the mental health system was very unrealistic. Even if it was to showcase how much it isn’t really considered, I think they should have a found a way to incorporate that into the show, especially one dealing with suicide and who’s main audience is adolescents.

Kelsey: No.

Amanda: No. Legally if you go into a counselor’s office and say that you are tired of life, they cannot allow you to leave.

Question 3: Did the show embody diversity enough? Is the show white-washed both through content and characters?

Natese: The show could’ve been more diverse. They did include characters of different races. But it was mostly white washed.I don’t wanna sound racist but, how some of the stuff happened. It would most likely only happen to white kids, or a black kid would’ve dealt with it differently.

Daniel : I didn’t see any issues with diversity. There was representation from many different ethnic backgrounds and had both gay and straight characters. The show focused on Hannah’s life and her relationships with each character and I think the content and characters were effectively used to tell her story.

Gabrielle : Yes, it showed diversity. I don’t think it was white washed.

Jada : There was a small diversity, main characters were of the same demographic ( same race, culture, socioeconomic background.

Erica:  I think they attempted to be diverse. I think the effort was there but not executed properly. I felt like some of the minority characters were stereotypes. Like Tony was a really big Spanish generalization and they gave the two Asian characters the whitest names and I understand that it’s biased off of a book but when dealing with race you have to be sensitive of the images your creating and showcasing to the population. Idk I think they were trying to be inclusive but it just came off as a bit generic and lazy.

Kelsey : Yes he show is white washed. Being African American , I couldn’t even relate to having parents like theirs. They were careless and naive. Except slightly Jessica’s father. He was the only sense of strictness.

Amanda: I would say yes and no. Maybe because of my background. She could have handed a lot of stuff better. But it depends on the person. If someone is timid or soft spoken. They are not going to speak up for themselves.

Amanda English watches 13 Reasons Why
Question  4: Do you think that certain people should not watch the show?

Natese: Yes, people who are easily triggered should not watch.

Daniel:  I think this show is a wake up call for anyone who watches it. Whether it is someone who is suicidal, or have been/has stalked someone, dealt with rape or anything. It encourages them to reach out for help and they see the consequences that follow if they do not or if they let others sway their decisions. Yeah it’s going to be hard for some viewers but I don’t see how it would harm them more than how it would help them.

Gabrielle:  I think everyone should watch the show because it shows why people should not take suicide as a joke.

Jada:  I believe the content should be provided to all school age children.

Erica:  Um I think certain scenes are very intense, especially for survivors of sexual assault and attempted suicide. I do think there needs to be a warning letting people know what there about to see  beforehand,  so I appreciated their inclusion of that. But I think it really depends on every person’s experience to an extent and what their comfortable and ready to view. I also believe that because of the lack of discussion of therapy and the mental health Industry it can be problematic to make the show so easily assess-able to the younger population. The number of people committing suicide is skyrocketing, immensely so in the teen population so I think it’s dangerous to show them scenes like that but not explain the real life consequences or how you develop an illness like depression in the first place. Overall I felt the message it gave was a bit vapid and careless and I would be mindful about showing it to certain audiences.

Kelsey: Not necessarily.

Glenn : It did. The message that I got the most from it was don’t bully.

Amanda: I think everyone should see it. I think it does have realistic take on suicide. Everyone has a part when someone does something like that. Ultimately, it is the individual’s overall choice to end their life. They can’t put blame on anybody else. But bystanders can see, that there are signs when someone is needing help.

Question 5: What do you think will happen in Season 2?

Natese: I hope Hannah gets justice. The counselor should be fired. Maybe even the principal.

Glenn: I had no idea there was going to be a season 2. I kind of wish they would just leave it as is instead of dragging it out even more. There have been plenty of good reviews made about.

Gabrielle : I think it will show the all the characters from the show grown up and their kids going through the same predicament.

Jada : The investigation may lead to one or all being prosecuted.

Daniel :Um, I asked myself could Hannah be White or could her love intertwine I forgot his name and the answer I can go was no the story itself would be entirely different… black people  handle things differently. I thought the ensemble was very diverse two Asians couple of blacks biracial kids..gay kids or It’s a good show to watch with a message if you can get through the entertainment aspect of it.

Glenn: I don’t think there should be a part 2.Hannah is the protagonist and her story ended with tape 13. I don’t want to see them drag out the show like pretty little liars. It’s a good work of art leave it alone

Erica: I have no idea but I’d like to see where it goes.

Kelsey : The boy who was the stalker taking pictures of Hannah is gonna do something with the guns and we’re gonna see the trial go down. I still didn’t like the way the show was executed tho primarily just a lot of unrealistic events happening. But I did learn that words hurt.

I think that Tyler is going to shoot up the school. He had entire arsenal in the trunk. Or he will kill himself.


So, there you have it! Write in the comments and respond to the questions above. If you have not watched the show, click the link attached. I would not recommend it to anyone who is suicidal or has been raped.



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