The End..

Hello Cast,

Academics is a very important segment of my life. Currently, I am majoring in Mass Communication at Xavier University of Louisiana.The class that I am an on the verge of completing in five days is an Advanced Media Writing course. This course has been both very rewarding, yet challenging.

In this class, I learned how to be an independent journalist, while balancing the rest of my college courses, good health, and a social life. The rewards of course were making my blog, fulfilling the requirements for my blog, and reading “The Filter Bubble”.

Since January, I worked on developing this blog, to relate to the those who are a part of the minority community. This class helped my check off one of the goals that I had on my bucket list . I had hoped to accomplish this task since I began my media journey in 2015.

My spirit was full when I began writing posts that I felt had sentimental value. The blog post that a seemed to have a  major take away in my life was “Painting the Pain”. This story impacted my life because it was the first story that ever seemed to have meaning to anyone’s life. The reaction from Krya Rodger’s family, that was impacted from the death of Michael “Boo Boo” Rodgers, was very special to me. They were grateful that Kyra recieved the recognition she needed for her hard work in painting and the great loss that she suffered.

Next, “The Filter Bubble” was amazing! If you get a chance to read any book, this is the book to choose.  The Filter Bubble made me aware of how several different sites filter content, in order to attract me to their networks.  This book makes one think twice about how dependent they are on anything related to the interment. Yet, it has taught me how to be a stronger blogger and how to keep you interested in the work I create.  So yes, I am a part of your Bubble. 

Finally, the obstacle that came with completing this course was time, time time! Time is of the essence when one is in college.  With good reporting, one needs time. Cranking out a story every week was not very difficult, but it took a lot of preparation. However, the largest hurdle that I had to jump as a young journalist was the second week of blogging, when I had three stories and a blog to create in a week.  However, the pros outweighed the cons in this course. My professor took the time to craft students who will be ready to enter the professional journalist experience in less than two years. For that I am grateful.

So, is the end of the road for The Griot? 
NO! The story has not ended yet.

From now on, I will continue to create work that resonates to you because you are under served in the world of media. I’m here for you. Stick with me. 

Thank you,



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